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The World is Filled with Beauty and that Beauty is made more Beautiful by those who capture it and reproduce it with their own Spirit through their Brush and Easel .

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So whatever will we do here?

Well, -- Let's tell a story or let's take a trip , or let's take a look at nature or let's work a puzzle or let's make some observations about life. Let's do all those things and still  promise not to  offend, intentionally anyway, and  to keep it positive and safe for Kids.

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Picture by Shannon Danzo at HowPeg Feeder Tree July 6, 2013

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For over 30 years the Flying Squirrels have visited our backyard Oak Trees to feast on the sunflower hearts and peanut butter that we have put out for them most every night. While their numbers always decrease as summer winds down they have always returned to the feast during the winter and in numbers by early spring. They do have to compete for the food we put out for them against the raccoons who always show up to devour most of the squirrel food. 2013 has been no exception. Click on the link below to see the 2013 Flying Squirrel Story Video.


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The HowPeg Adventure continues in a new direction in 2014

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Howpeg 2010 Journal

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A new page where I plan to place  favorite HowPeg videos has been added. Most of these Videos are large files which will stream but will require High Speed Internet access to view. This page will be updated with the best from our site and future efforts. Thank you for visiting.

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The 2007 Robin nest story  is now complete with all four hatchlings having joined the Family of Robins successfully. Hatching started on May 5 and the last one hatched on may 7. The same two day difference prevailed through the fledgling time, which in this case was 14 days for all four birds.   Click on the picture to go to the 2007 Journal for daily updates and  daily Videos from the nest.


Follow the latest Robin Nest Story on the Spring page of the Howpeg 2010 journal


2008 Journal

2007 Wildlife Journal includes a 2007  Robin Nest

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Wildlife visiting our Louisville Kentucky Backyard

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Our City Louisville Kentucky
Our Home
well perhaps a few years ago

March 2010


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